Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Missing Out

I have been looking forward to Labor Day weekend for SOO Long!! Not because of a long weekend or time with family (although that is great too) but because of the BIG SALE at Joann's! I could not wait to pick out new material for my purses and get creating! I put my Joann trip on my calender and my husband John even promised to go with me to the big Joann store that's 45 mins away!
I could not contain my excitement as Friday came closer. On Wednesday John bought a car on ebay so ROAD TRIP! We drove a total of 28 hours to pick it up. Which means no Joann's on Friday. But not to worry the sale was on until Monday! So on Monday we drove 45 mins to the Big Joann's and shopped and shopped. I did not find anything that I liked for my purses! So we came back home and went to the local store where last week I saw several things I liked. Well wouldn't you know, they closed early! Poor John drove me all over and I still missed out on the sale! haha

I did make it to the store on Tuesday and got some nice things I will post those pics when I make the bags soon! But until that, here are some pictures of the clutches I have made...

This one is not for sale. I made it to match my favorite pair of silver heels! If you have a favorite pair of shoes I would love to make you a purse or clutch to match! Place an order today by emailing me at

I have 5 of these. I just fell in love with the material. It feels like silk!

This one is more of a canvas material.

This is from the cotton material that I used to make my sister-in-laws diaper bag.

Love this tan animal print clutch!

Well, that's all for now.

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